About C.R.LEE

Crystal Lee was born December 28, 1981 and is currently based in Denver Colorado.  In 2013, Crystal launched her own label C.R.LEE to fill a noticeable void in the industry after she personally experienced a lack of unique, high quality, conversation-starting pieces with an edge – for all women of all sizes. Crystal decided to change that and enrolled in the Art Institute of Colorado where she excelled in Fashion Design and honed her craft. Since graduating, Crystal has appeared on the TV show STITCHED and presented at New York Fashion Week in 2018 and 2019.

Crystal draws inspiration from her childhood spent in Southern California and her time living in Miami, Florida. The C.R.LEE design aesthetic combines the sophistication of city life and the ease of beach side living in a way that works for all women through fluid movement and edgy details.  

 Crystal's designs help push her customers and clients to reveal the strong, ambitious and luxurious side of themselves.      

“You don't need a C.R.Lee Piece…You Deserve it!”